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Terrace Oil

Special oil based on vegetable oils for all woods used outdoors. Impregnates and protects. Good penetrating properties, retains the open pores and breathing activity of the wood. Accentuates the structure and grain of the wood.



Can be applied at an outdoor temperature of minimum 10°C. The wood to be impregnated must be clean and dry. If necessary, sand off any remnants of old lacquer or similar, in which case the last sanding stage should be carried out with 120 grain sandpaper.
Preparation of the undercoat: apply the oil evenly with a brush, or with a fluff-free cloth, in the direction of the wood grain. After about 30 minutes soaking in, go over any oil which has not been absorbed with a brush, or with a fluff-free cloth, until all surplus oil has been completely removed. After allowing the wood to dry over-night, apply another coat of oil with a brush or fluff-free cloth. Continue working wet on wet until the wood has become entirely saturated. Remove any suplus oil completely.


Product Information & Consumption


  • softwood: 200-250mL/m²
  • Hardwood: 100-120mL/m²