Premium quality flooring maintenance equipment

About us

JSC "Ostas" represents German company Dr. Schutz. Because we understand how it is pleasant to walk on the clean floor we are ready to provide you with the professional solutions related to your floor cleaning and maintenance.

Dr. Schutz GmbH is a German company established in 1955. Due to the extensive experience and perfectly improved cleaning products’ production Dr. Schutz now is one of the leading companies in Europe. Dr. Schutz produces the supreme cleaning and maintenance products for the floor coverings. Through the collaboration with the leading companies producing the floor coverings and carrying out the different tests Dr. Schutz developed the unique products’ group for the various floor coverings’ cleaning: laminate, PVC floor coverings, parquet, linoleum, carpet coverings, carpets, cork floors and tiles.

You can also find the special measures that will be useful in daily housekeeping, will help to renew or to polish the favourite objects, to wash up the curtains delicately, to maintain the outdoor furniture, to clean up the chewing gum, nail polish or blood stains.