Premium quality flooring maintenance equipment


Dr. Schutz products are intended to clean and maintain the various floor coverings. We will help and advise you how to clean the floor coverings so that they constantly would look great.


The performed works‘ specialization:



      PVC covering, natural linoleum



      Carpets,  carpet coverings:

  • wet cleaning
  • dry cleaning with pellets
  • formidable stains' and bad outdoors' removal



  • deep cleaning



  • deep cleaning
  • deep cleaning + impregnation


      Parquet, wooden floor:

  • deep cleaning + coating with polishes (matt / shiny)
  • grinding + oiling / lacquering


      Wooden terrace floor:

  • deep cleaning (natural wood colour recovery)
  • deep cleaning + oiling
  • grinding + oiling / lacquering

All types of the floor, premises’ and windows’ cleaning after mounting or repair works. Post-construction cleaning.



PVC floor coverings, natural linoleum deep cleaning and waxing or polishing:  

In the course of time the protective factory layer of  PVC covering wears out and little by little the dirt starts to accumulate in the bottom. In order to save the original beauty of the floor covering we recommend renovating it with the professional Dr. Schutz cleaning measures. First of all, the floor is cleaned by single-disk washing machine Floor Boy or Monodisc  SRP using the deep cleaners Clean and Strip or Turbo Strip. When the floor is perfectly dried, two layers of wax Secura Hard Sealer (matt) or Ultra higt Shine Hard Sealer (shiny) are covered with the cloth. The floor has to be waxed about once a year. If you want to perform the floor renovation work less frequently, once every two years, we advise you to choose lacquering with PU Sealer polyurethane lacquer. It is covered in two layers with dense fiber roller Aquatop. We also recommend to choose lacquering if you have the natural linoleum, heterogeneous PVC or LVT coating. The first layer of both wax and lacquer dries for about an hour, when the second layer is put down, it is forbidden to walk on the floor for about 10-12 hours.


Carpet covering wet cleaning:

The carpets accumulate not only dirt and dust, but also various bacteria, so these coatings need cleaning not only with a simple pump. First of all, the carpet is sucked with rotary vacuum pump Carpet Brush Vacuum Cleaner 310 and sprayed with Up 2-in-1 cleaning measure that removes bad odours and "releases" most of the old spots. When the floor is pumped, Concentrated Carpet Cleaner carpet shampoo diluted with the warm water is rubbed in and spread using washing machine Premium F2. After about 20 minutes the chemicals are extracted with the same washing machine and the floor is washed with clean water. It is allowed to walk on the carpet only after it will become dry, approximately after 12 hours.


Carpet covering dry cleaning:

Natural fiber carpet coverings as well as these on which there is steady stream of the customers and which can not be isolated for cleaning, are cleaned dry. Firstly, the carpet is pumped with rotary vacuum pump Carpet Brush Vacuum Cleaner 310 and sprayed with Up 2-in-1 cleaning measure that removes bad odours and "releases" most of the old spots. After about 10 minutes, the carpet is spread with Carpetlife Granulate pellets that accumulate the dirt and are rubbed in with the cleaning machine Multi Clean 350. After 25-30 minutes the pellets are collected by the same cleaning machine into the special containers. This cleaning method has a very big advantage, because it is allowed to walk on the carpet even during the cleaning.


Formidable stains‘ removal from the carpet covering:

On our website you will find a variety of stain removals both for natural and synthetic carpet coverings. You will easily remove blood, wine, coffee, wax, polish, chewing gum, etc. stains.


Tiles‘ deep cleaning:

Is performed with single-disk cleaning machine Floor boy, Monodisc SRP or Pad Master System cloth for the domestic use using Clean and Strip or Turbo Strip cleaning agents.


Laminate‘s, parquet‘s deep cleaning and  impregnation:

If the covering is extremely dirty, deep cleaning agent Wood Floor Deep Clean that is spread on the laminate, after 5 minutes is scrubbed with cleaning machine FloorBoy or Monodisc SRP and collected with washing pump or cloth must be used. If the floor is not very dirty, it is cleaned as usually using normal Laminate Cleaner. When the floor has dried, it is covered with Click Sealer impregnator that protects laminate, parquet and glued cork from swelling due to moisture. The measure is spread with a spatula in a thin layer on the floor, carefully filling in the seams. The excess is removed with a spatula. Impregnator is polished with a soft cloth or cleaning machine using a white sole.


Parquet‘s, wooden floor polishing:

The same deep cleaning as of the laminate is performed, when the floor becomes dry, it is covered with floor mop moistened with undiluted Wood and Cork Floor Polish satin (shiny) or Wood and Cork Floor polish mat (mat). The second layer is covered vertically after an hour. The floor is drying about 12 hours.


Wooden terraces’ deep cleaning and oiling:

If you want to enjoy the beautiful wooden floors of the terraces or balconies each year, they must be urenewed periodically. It is quite easy to do. The terraces’ boards are deeply cleaned with brushing or floor washing machine Premium F2 using Outdoor Wood Refresher. This measure perfectly cleans stubborn dirt, gives the original appearance to the wood that became gray. When the “released” dirt and chemical residues are removed with the cleaning machine or just a garden hose and the floor becomes dry, Terrace Oil (colorless) or Bangkirai Oil (of the darker shad,  recommended for exotic wood) is spread with the brush in two layers. It is allowed to walk on the floor after it will be fully dried.


Please remember that renovation of the covering costs much cheaper than a new floor mounting, you will avoid the construction works, daily maintenance will become easier. You also can perform these works by yourself, using professional German Dr. Schutz floor cleaning measures. We will advise you how to clean and maintain your floors, provide you with the detail information on the products, please call +370 699 11199 or write to e-mail