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Water-resistant surfaces, stone & tiles
Inolit Active Powder

An acidic cleaning powder containing quartz-free abrasives for the cleaning of newly-laid floors and the basic cleaning of acid-resistant tiles and stone surfaces. Removes cement „clouding“, urinary stone, lime deposits (scale) and rust marks.


Before application test Inolit active powder on a unconspicuous area for material fastness. For the treatment of large quantities of Inolit wear acid-resistant rubber gloves. Inolit must not be used on acid-sensitive surfaces, e.g. polished artificial stone, marble, limestone, terrazzo, concrete slabs, acid-sensitive glazes and enamels. The time of reaction on hard stone like granite, gabbro and others must not exceed 2 hours in order to avoid changes due to the acid development. The cleaning of surfaces with brass pieces has to be carried out before the brass protecting foil is drawn off.


10 kg = 100 m²


Technical Data

pH level: 2,0 (10% in water)

Data on ingredients (EC recommendation): Less than 5% non-ionic tensides, amidosulfon acid, scouring, perfumed and other additives.

Inolit Active Powder should be stored in a cool, dry place in its closed original container. Protect from frost. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.