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Cleaning and maintenance products for oiled wooden floors
Premium Care Oil for Wood Floors

A care oil for oiled/waxed parquet and cork floors based on modified alkyd resins and natural oils and waxes. Unsuitable for the basic treatment of sanded flooring. Good penetration properties. Durable, elastic care film. Ideally suitable for the care of floors that have been treated using Premium Oil +. Flammable.


from August, 2016 in new quality.

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Before using on exotic, coloured or unknown types of wood, first test the suitability according to the instructions on an appropriate test-area (min. 1 sq.m) and refer to our application technique. In the case of resin-rich wood-types it can happen that resin is dissolved and may leak out, which in turn might result in delayed drying time, or lead to irregularities in the surface appearance. Delays in drying time can also occur in case of high humidity, or when the room temperature while working is lower than recommended.
Make sure there is adequate ventilation during application and drying, although draughts and strong sunlight should be avoided and the surface must be protected against dust. In case of under-floor heating, this must be switched off well in advance.
After complete hardening of the oil, use Wood Care for oiled floors or Wax Care to clean and care for the oiled floor.


10-20 gm/sq.m, depending on the absorbency of the floor


Technical Data

pH-value: not determinable, solvent-based formula
Substances contained: natural oils and waxes, alkyd resins, hydrocarbons, lead-free drying agents

Giscode: Ö 60 (Product-code for surface treatment products)
Use by date: 12 months after purchase

Premium Care Oil is subject to the legal regulations concerning hazardous substances and displays the hazard description "Inflammable, can cause long-term harmful effects if poured into waterways. Repeated contact can lead to dry, cracked skin". Only use in well-ventilated areas. Do not breathe in vapour.

Cloths or pads which contain remains of Premium Care Oil can ignite during drying in case of a heat build-up. Therefore lay such cloths or pads spread out to dry before disposing of them.

Store Premium Care Oil in closed original container, in a cool and dry place. Keep the container sealed and out of the reach of children. Make sure that no oil or remains are poured down a drain into the canalization system.