Premium quality flooring maintenance equipment

PVC covering and natural linoleum deep cleaning, waxing or lacquering

In the course of time the protective factory layer of PVC covering wears out and little by little the dirt starts to accumulate in the bottom.

In order to save the original beauty of the floor covering we recommend renovating it with the professional Dr. Schutz cleaning measures. Depending on your preference and the wear of the covering PVC and natural linoleum coverings can be covered with the protective wax or lacquer layer.

 Floor cleaning and covering waxing are performed in several stages:


If you wish to perform the floor renovation works less frequently, approximately once every two years, we advise you to choose lacquering with PU Sealer polyurethane lacquer.


Dr. Schutz  cleaning and maintenance products are designed specially for PVC coverings and linoleum. Using PU Sealer and PU varnish Anticolor, you will:


Floor covering cleaning: