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Carpet covering wet cleaning

All carpets accumulate the dirt and dust. Even the short-nap carpet accumulates the dirt that in th course of time will not be cleaned with a simple pump.

These coverings should be cleaned and maintained with special measures and special cleaning machines. Wet carpet covering surface method is suitable for the syntetic coverings. First, we recommend to pump the carpet with the rotary vacuum pump (for ex., Life Carpet Brush Vacuum Cleaner 310) and to spray Up 2-in-1 cleaning measure that will remove bad odors and "release" most of the old spots. When the floor will be pumped, Concentrated Carpet Cleaner carpet shampoo diluted with the warm water is rubbed in and spread using washing machine Premium F2. After about 20 minutes the chemicals are extracted with the same washing machine and the floor is washed with clean water. It is allowed to walk on the carpet only after it will become dry, approximately after 12 hours.


Carpet covering wet cleaning: