Premium quality flooring maintenance equipment

Pre- and intensive cleaner
Fresh Up 2 in 1

Loosens soiling and stains when used in conjunction with dry cleaning or spray extraction operations. Binds and neutralises bad odours in carpeting and upholstery materials. Tenside-free formula.


Before use, test the flooring on an inconspicuous area for colour fastness and material suitability.


500 ml = 20 m². depending on degree of soiling


Technical Data

pH level: ca.10,0% dconcentratet)

Data on ingredients (EC recommendation): less than 5% anionic tensides, phosphates. Contains BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, perfumes, solvents, salts, care components.

Fresh Up 2 in 1 should be stored in a cool, dry place in its closed original container. Protect from frost. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.