Premium quality flooring maintenance equipment

Pu design / colorize system for resilient floor coverings
PU Filler / Seamnomor

Fast hardener two component, black polyester-filler for filling damaged welding seams, or grouting resilient floor coverings.

Only available for trained professionals.




Take out the required amount of Dr. Schutz PU Filler from the canister and put it onto a separate, non-absorbent flat surface. Squeeze the hardener (3%) from the enclosed hardener-tube next to the filler. Quickly mix the filler and hardener together with a Japanese spatula and fill any holes and hollows, which have been previously cleaned and abraded. After about 30 minutes the filling compound can and must be sanded down to the level of the sur-rounding floor. Sealing on top can be carried out immediately afterwards.
Please note:
- The surface must be professionally prepared and abraded as well as in a clean and dry condition, free of oil, wax and dust.
- Joints which are to be filled to improve the side adhesion should be cleanly cut on their sides
- Floor and material temperature must not fall below +15°C during application and drying time.
- Clean working tools and appliances mechanically after hardening.
- Read and follow work safety advice.
- When applied in areas including chair-rollers, we recommend fitting polycarbonate pads underneath after the renovation.


Product Information & Consumption


Depends on the holes and hollows to be filled.

Drying time:
Can generally be worked on and sanded after 30 minutes.
Low temperatures, high humidity and poor ventilation can prolong the drying time. Refrain from laying down car-pets in the first 10-14 days. Furniture can be carefully placed. The area must not be wet mopped in the first three days.


Technical Data


Contains: polyurethane resin, polyester resin, filler, styrene
CLP Basis GHS02, 07, 08 Danger. Contains Styrene. H226 Flammable liquid and vapour. H315 Causes skin irritation. H319 Causes serious eye irritation. H361d Suspected of damaging the unborn child. H372 Causes damage to the hearing organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.
CLP Hardener: GHS 02, 07, 09 Warning. Contains Dibenzoylperoxide. H242 Heating may cause a fire. H319 Causes serious eye irritation. H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction. H400 Very toxic to aquatic life.